Rabu, 19 September 2007

Baby Talk

Shore and other researchers believe that baby talk contributes to mental development, as it helps teach the childs the basic function and structure language.
Some researchers have pointed out that baby talks is not among world's cultures, and argue thats its role in "helping children learn grammar"has been overestimated.
A Parent might refer only to objects and events in the immediate vicinity, and will often repeat
the child's utterences back to him/her.
In anyu case, the normal child will eventually acquire the local language without difficulty, regardless of the degree of exposure to baby talk.
However, the use of motherese could have an mportant role in affecting the rate and quality of
language acquisition.

AS note above, baby talk often involves shortening and simpliying words, with the possible addition of slurred words and nonverbal utterances, and can invoke a vocabulary of its own.

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